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Rewild's Growing Practices

We use NO herbicides, fungicides or pesticides on our plants.  We use only organic fertilizers.  Most of our plants are grown from seed, which has been responsibly collected from wild plant populations.  Seed grown plants help to ensure genetic diversity and increased plant resilience.  Many of the plants that are sold in typical nurseries as "native" are clonally propagated, meaning they are reproduced through cuttings and division and are therefore genetically identical , which leads to a loss of genetic diversity.

We’re working to reduce plastic in our growing operations.  Many of our plants are sold in Cowpots© (  These are locally produced, biodegradable pots made from composted cow manure.  Plant your plants, pot and all, and as the pots break down they will enrich the soil and give the plants a little starter fertilizer.  The roots will never become rootbound like they will in a plastic pot, and there will be less transplant shock.


Some of our plants are sold in plastic pots.  If you return the undamaged plastic pots we will sterilize and reuse them.  Return the pots and you'll recieve 10% off your next purchase.  We cannot take pots or trays from other nurseries.

Whenever possible, we use a reduced-peat based potting mix.  Natural peat is not a sustainable planting medium.  Peat “bogs” where it is mined are the largest combined area of natural carbon sequestration in the world, larger than all other plant material in the world combined.  Harvesting peat releases carbon, depletes the bogs and contributes to climate change.  We use a combination of coconut coir, rice hulls, compost and worm castings – all of which are renewable resources.

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